About MYB

Match You Boutique began as a simple thought on how women don't always naturally proportionate. Our bodies are not always equivalent as far as the top and bottom halves go. There are so many different shapes and sizes that show through our bodies, there's no such thing as one size realistically. 

The Back Story - CEO, Courtney Dorsey

Initially, the idea came to me when I realized how many unproportionate women were out in the world (like myself and many of the other women I grew up around). I knew that brands offered the clothes that we liked, however everything wouldn't fit to my exact preference. Some clothes I would want to fit like a glove, and others I would prefer to be baggy or loose-fitted. In my eyes, online shopping seemed to make these choices nearly impossible, so I came up with my own brand of clothing to appease the women that have those similar dilemmas. Through my brand, I plan to reach women (and of course branch off to men/unisex as well) through allowing them to not only alter the necessary sizes they may need to fit their curves, but to also ask questions on the products if need be. To do this, we offer a comment section at the end of the checkout (and plan to also offer chatting services during the shopping experience) for our customers to utilize for their perfect fit! We always encourage you to match you!