What is Match You Boutique?

Match You Boutique is a growing company made out to cater to any body, shape, or size. Originally, it was a small thought from how women don't always naturally fit one size when it comes to sets (see "About MYB" page for more info). For instance- you may buy a set (bikini, biker shorts set, etc.) with any other brand and they'll send you the size you requested. However, your bottoms may fit and the top may be too big (or for others, maybe too small). Our brand is here to help with all of your sizing needs! Anything to fit you naturally, hence our brand name, "Match You!"

What makes Match You Boutique different from other boutiques?

We help the natural physique of our customers by allowing them to pick and choose the different necessary sized pieces for their sets. We do this by offering a comment section towards the end of the checkout for customers to be able to voice their needs. For instance, customers are able to state whether they need a larger or smaller top in any set based off of the product description to fit their body. Even if it is a dress or apart of one of our collections, customers can also leave commented questions upon the way they fit, or ask for clarification from the product description to assure it is a good fit for them specifically. Our sole purpose is to meet the needs of the bodies of our customers, so we encourage all to leave any comments in the comment section so we can be sure to give you the perfect fit that you were looking for!

What's the deal on all of the "earthy" tones and colors?

Match You Boutique uses what are known to be "earth tones" or "neutral colors" throughout our brand to symbolize how natural things are through our boutique! We want you to come as you are, so we use these colors to stay natural!